Animal Rescue, MRCC, MMIW
Animal Rescue

In Tanzania, dogs are not kept as pets but rather as guard dogs.

Sick or unwanted dogs are either killed or dumped on the streets. Many of the rescues are near death due to starvation or injury and have endured inhuman conditions and abusive treatment at the hands of their owners. Placed in a nurturing and loving environment and approached with patience and care, rehabilitation and recovery are possible.

SISAL Foundation supports Mwba Wa Africa and their remarkable and practical work in animal rescue, spaying/neutering, rabies prevention, and rehabilitation/adoption for abused animals.

Maasai Cultural Resource Center (MCRC)

SISAL will support the establishment of a center for the Maa-speaking communities and partners to learn, express, preserve, develop, revitalize, and promote their culture, language, and heritage.

If the preservation of indigenous language and culture speaks to you, please consider a recurring donation of only $20/month so that we may support this critical work.

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