What is SISAL Foundation?

The idea of SISAL came about as my (and my donors’) involvement with Eretore grew from providing food/water/supplies in June 2020 to being responsible for all operational costs of the school, including salaries, in September 2020. While grateful for the steady and generous support whenever I asked, I could not continue to make monthly pleas for donations and needed a reliable and consistent source of income for the school that maintained the connection that the donors had come to appreciate with Eretore.

While driving through the Tanga area of Tanzania, I noticed rows upon rows of succulents and inquired why farmers would cultivate these plants. I learned that sisal fiber is especially valued for cordage due to its strength, durability, and ability to stretch. It’s also prized for its adaptability to receive dye for rugs and its resistance to deterioration. It has a shallow root system and connects to the roots of other sisal plants for stability.

Upon returning to the USA in January 2021, I began the work of establishing an official 501(c)(3). Working with the idea of “Supporting Indigenous Students” I searched for an acronym. Typing “words that start with SIS” in the browser, sisal came up. I considered the qualities I had learned about the plant: strong, durable, resistant to deterioration, adaptable, and a root system that is strengthened by “holding hands”. Perfect. SISAL Foundation became the name of the nonprofit, which stands for Supporting Indigenous Students Abroad and Locally.

We only have one project, Eretore Rising…for now. However, why limit ourselves? Maybe this idea will grow and the trajectory of many indigenous students’ lives can be forever changed. One year ago I had no clue about GoFundMe, about running media for a school, about international wire transfers. You have joined me on this journey through your friendship and faith, and I am so grateful. Together, we have accomplished some amazing goals. Get ready, because the safari (Swahili for “journey”) continues!

We are a 501(c)(3) organization. That means all your donations are 100% tax deductible. Allow us to be your good work in the world.

Click Here to learn about our flagship project, Eretore Rising

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