Update 8: Loihorwa

This is not White Colonialism (a judgmental criticism rooted in ignorance of how SISAL operates). This is love in action. This is a little boy who will now eat and speak normally thanks to those who stepped up and helped instead of stepping back in “woke” judgment.

Bariki, credit goes to you for getting the ball rolling. I’ll never forget when you came to me and said, “Please, can we do something?” The rest of the team came around in support. Mr. Shamata made accommodations for Bariki being gone (thank you to the teachers who covered his classes), Mibaku gave time and leadership, Winny provided her valued advice and connections, and Julius contributed ideas on how to best navigate the situation while honoring Maasai culture. A SISAL board observed to make sure transparency of funds and accountability occurred. Finally, thanks to those who donated specifically to Loihorwa’s medical fund.

The surgery was successful and now we await therapy instructions to address possible speech deficits due to years of Loihorwa not being able to move his tongue.

Let us be the good work you do in the world.

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