Update 7: Loihorwa

This is Bariki, Loihorwa’s teacher who won’t give up. Another trip to the hospital (transportation is complicated, expensive, and dangerous there). Another day turned away. Another day where Loihorwa prepped for surgery with no food or drink until 4 pm, and again they were told to come back another day.

Every day I watch students who won’t stand for The Pledge of Allegiance in my class. I say nothing; it’s their right. However, if they only knew how different things were in the rest of the world, they’d stand for this flawed country of ours where we live like royalty in comparison.

Today I was pissed. “American mad” they call me when I’ve been pushed too far. If I were there, I would’ve out-Karened all the Karen’s combined. This struggling family of little resources. This disabled boy who, had he been born here in the USA, would’ve had the surgery shortly after birth and he’d be able to speak. This teacher who, along with my personal contributions and donations from friends of Eretore, has used his own small salary to make this happen. Welcome to nonprofit life.

We are done with the government hospital. Next step is a private hospital where he will actually be seen, but it will be expensive. Bariki and Loihorwa, along with his parents, will try yet again.

Tonight, when you tuck your babies in, count your blessings that by some strange bit of luck, you were born in the USA. You did nothing to deserve it. Neither did Loihorwa.

P.S. He is wearing a girl’s shirt because that’s all he has.

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