Medical Care

October 8, 2021

Loihorwa came through the surgery with flying colors! His first clearly spoken words were, “Where is my daddy?” The smile on his face says it all as he leaves the hospital with his father.  Thank you to the donors who truly changed the trajectory of this boy’s life

September 30, 2021

This is not White Colonialism (a judgmental criticism rooted in ignorance of how SISAL operates). This is love in action. This is a little boy who will now eat and speak normally thanks to those who stepped up and helped instead of stepping back in “woke” judgment.

Bariki, credit goes to you for getting the ball rolling. I’ll never forget when you came to me and said, “Please, can we do something?” The rest of the team came around in support. Mr. Shamata made accommodations for Bariki being gone (thank you to the teachers who covered his classes), Mibaku gave time and leadership, Winny provided her valued advice and connections, and Julius contributed ideas on how to best navigate the situation while honoring Maasai culture. A SISAL board observed to make sure transparency of funds and accountability occurred. Finally, thanks to those who donated specifically to Loihorwa’s medical fund.

The surgery was successful and now we await therapy instructions to address possible speech deficits due to years of Loihorwa not being able to move his tongue.

Let us be the good work you do in the world.

September 21, 2021

This is Bariki, Loihorwa’s teacher who won’t give up. Another trip to the hospital (transportation is complicated, expensive, and dangerous there). Another day turned away. Another day where Loihorwa prepped for surgery with no food or drink until 4 pm, and again they were told to come back another day.

Every day I watch students who won’t stand for The Pledge of Allegiance in my class. I say nothing; it’s their right. However, if they only knew how different things were in the rest of the world, they’d stand for this flawed country of ours where we live like royalty in comparison.

Today I was pissed. “American mad” they call me when I’ve been pushed too far. If I were there, I would’ve out-Karened all the Karen’s combined. This struggling family of little resources. This disabled boy who, had he been born here in the USA, would’ve had the surgery shortly after birth and he’d be able to speak. This teacher who, along with my personal contributions and donations from friends of Eretore, has used his own small salary to make this happen. Welcome to nonprofit life.

We are done with the government hospital. Next step is a private hospital where he will actually be seen, but it will be expensive. Bariki and Loihorwa, along with his parents, will try yet again.

Tonight, when you tuck your babies in, count your blessings that by some strange bit of luck, you were born in the USA. You did nothing to deserve it. Neither did Loihorwa.

P.S. He is wearing a girl’s shirt because that’s all he has.

September 20, 2021

Apparently, the reason why Loihorwa can’t pronounce words is due to ankyloglossia, a condition present at birth that restricts the tongue’s range of motion (“tongue-tied”). An unusually short, thick or tight band of tissue tethers the bottom of the tongue’s tip to the floor of the mouth and restricts speech and eating.

Tomorrow he will have surgery to have this corrected. A little goes a long way here. Let us be the good work you do in the world.

July 26, 2021

Our student Loihorwa has been released with his orthotic and exercise regimen! Next, he will see a specialist at Kilimanjaro Mtn Christian Hospital for an evaluation to address his non-verbal status . Thank you to the donors of SISAL in the USA ! You powered his team at Eretore Pre and Primary School in Tanzania  to start changing the trajectory of Loihorwa’s life!

July 23, 2021

We have no corporate sponsor, no celebrity spokesperson, government assistance is non-existent in Tanzania, and these indigenous people are (as always) left behind. We need you. Please help us continue Loihorwa’s treatment. Student sponsorship (we have only 55/147 sponsored) goes to Eretore Pre and Primary School’s operations (and is supplemented only by my personal savings). This separate account is strictly for Loihorwa. His teachers and Mibaku (the founder of Eretore Pre and Primary School) visited him and his mother at the center on their day off. People ask why I love this school so much…look how they love their students.

July 20, 2021

Loihorwa is now receiving physical therapy and his mother is being shown how to exercise his arm. The orthotic that was fitted for him is removable for exercises.

July 19, 2021

“Team Loihorwa” mobilized today! He has received a cast to address his disabled arm. He will spend one week at the center and will then be brought for consultation and speech therapy.

Last Saturday, Winny’s son directed me to a school that could help our disabled student, Loihorwa. We are taking the steps in love and faith that this little boy will receive the help he needs. We are looking for a sponsor to be a miracle-maker for Loihorwa.

July 17, 2021

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